Our Approach

The school day begins at 8.45 am and ends at 3.30 pm. Most of our mornings are made up of English and maths sessions. The afternoons are dedicated to science, topic, art/DT, PE, ICT, PSHE and music, forest school, careers, life skills, social skills and growth mindset. Pupils in year 7 and above also take part in weekly cooking lessons.

Specific targets are outlined in individual learning plans (ILPs), which are reviewed termly with parents and pupils. Information on the ILP is shared with all teachers and Learning Support Assistants. Additional support / interventions are provided in accordance to the provision outlined in the EHCP of individual pupils

Multi-sensory teaching resources, materials and methods are employed throughout the school. There are many opportunities for discussion, group work and creative work.

Skills are supported through computer literacy, including touch-typing. Assistive Technology skills and knowledge are promoted throughout the school curriculum and help pupils’ develop their independence and optimise their access to the curriculum, allowing each pupil to work at their potential.

We have an excellent staffing ratio, with a maximum of 10 pupils in each class, and an overall staff ratio of approximately 1 adult to 3 pupils. As a small school all members of staff are in the position of being able to fully understand the needs as well as the strengths of each individual pupil.