Absence & Illness

Please report your child’s absence to school as soon as possible, either by telephone or email. Once your child is better and able to return to school, please provide a note to your child’s class teacher detailing the nature of the illness and any medication that your child is still receiving.

Illness at school

If a pupil is ill while they are at school the class teacher will decide between the following actions:

  • Let them rest in the School Medical room until home time.
  • Make them comfortable in the School Medical room and contact parents so that they can be collected as soon as possible.
  • In the event of serious illness or injury,
  • If your child has regular prescribed medication, we will store it in our medicine cupboard and administer it according to the written instructions. We need signed permission from parents. A record of medication is kept for each child and the staff member signs on administration.

Authorised Absence

For an absence to be authorised, please provide a letter detailing the reason for the request for authorised absence to the Head Teacher.