Junior School

Our Key Stage 2 department welcomes pupils from age 7 up to 11, following which pupils can then transfer automatically to our own Senior School, or to mainstream schools where appropriate.

The school follows the National Curriculum in terms of the subjects taught and the skills and concepts developed. For the modern foreign language the school has chosen Spanish as this is deemed more accessible as the structure of the language is deemed more accessible to pupils with specific learning difficulties. In addition to these subjects careers, forest school, growth mindset and social skills, are timetabled weekly.

Where possible links are made between subject content to create a central theme for each term in which the different strands of the curriculum are woven together rather than teaching isolated subjects in order to make studies more relevant. Trips are chosen to reinforce and supplement work covered in class and take place on a regular basis in order to enthuse the pupils and stimulate an excitement about learning.

Pupils do not sit SATs at the end of KS2.