What is Holme Court?

Holme Court School is a nurturing and dynamic setting, catering for children f rom 7 to 16 years of age that optimises the education of learners with dyslexia and specific learning differences which could include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Speech and Language Difficulties
  • Dyscalculia
  • Autism
  • Dyspraxia
  • Attention Difficulties

Holme Court is recognised as leading centre of excellence in the f ield of dyslexia, with Outstanding Ofsted and CReSTeD status and highly qualified, experienced teachers and learning support assistants.

What we do – Specialist Provisions

Holme Court provides a rounded education, encompassing academic and extra-curricular activities in a supportive and cooperative environment. We help each pupil discover their individual sphere of excellence by challenging and inspiring them. We teach them the skills to embark on life-long learning.

Current research, resources and measurable data ensure that all lessons, activities, and approaches are ideally suited for each individual, optimising their success.

The school itself acts as The Intervention through the personalised, highly targeted, intensive, specialist teaching woven throughout the school day.

Who can we support?

Holme Court School caters for children f rom 8 to 16 years of age that optimises the education of learners with dyslexia and specific learning differences, including, for example, Speech and Language Difficulties; Dyscalculia; Autism; Dyspraxia; Attention Difficulties.

Pupils flourish and grow in confidence, skill level, and self esteem. They learn to celebrate personal success as they become equipped for the challenges of the changing world. Through their daily routines they develop their commitment and enthusiasm for learning, as well as self-discipline.

We also provide consultations, lectures, guidance and home support for parents.

How are we different from a mainstream school?

Holme Court School is organised in a similar way to a mainstream school but with the added flexibility, specialist expertise and structures in place to accurately adapt a curriculum and timetable to suit the needs of each child with dyslexia and specific learning differences.

With only 10 pupils in a class, the small class sizes and high staff ratios, the school can offer an intensive, interactive response to an individual’s educational requirements.

Why is this effective?

Holme Court provision is effective because it employs techniques that have been identified by research as both impactful and measurable. We work closely with other professionals, for example, speech and language therapists

This enables us to work towards our aim, which is to help learners work towards returning to a mainstream setting or college. Pupils are provided with the tools, skills and strategies necessary to support their needs.

Success for your child

Success for your child may can be measure in many forms. Our goal at Holme Court is to ensure that pupils are able to:

  • Optimise academic performance – Leading to increased self-belief and pleasure in every day, with opportunities to build relationships, opening up more options ready for adult life
  • Experience great happiness – Leading to increased self-esteem .and self -efficacy improved relationships, a positive outlook in order to optimise educational opportunities and opening up a range of possibilities for later life
  • Develop Friendships – Leading to increased contentment and improved academic outcomes, with the ability to engage with the opportunities available to a flourishing young adult
    Have a greater range of opportunities – Leading to an enhanced experience of camaraderie, personal satisfaction, academic progress and greater optimism for the future