Assessment, both formative and diagnostic, is intensive and follows an annual cycle. As a consequence, the curriculum is organised and progress monitored, to ensure the individual learners’ needs are fully met. The teaching and learning styles are diverse. Any additional therapists’ input is requested where required. We have a Speech and Language Therapist who comes weekly and an Occupational Therapist who comes on a regular basis as required by children’s statements. Both liaise with the teachers. Educational Psychologists, Counsellors, and other relevant professionals visit the school on request. As a consequence, the needs of the pupils are well known and understood; professional expertise is thoroughly and regularly shared. Expert opinion is drawn upon wherever relevant, for example a nutritionist devised our lunch menu after researching the needs of our particular pupils in our previous setting.

The highly accurate school data show good progress made by pupils, most of whom make better than expected gains in their National Curriculum levels and significantly increase their reading and spelling ages.