The School Day

Compulsory school times are 8.45 am – 3.30pm (33 hours 45 min per week)

  • 8.30am School gate opens
  • 8.40am registration
  • 8.45am lessons begin
  • 10.30 – 10.55am morning break
  • 12.30 – 1.20pm lunch
  • 2.35 – 2.45pm walking break
  • 3.30pm end of the school day. All pupils must be collected from the school gate.

Arriving at school

On arrival at school, pupils should change from their outdoor to their indoor shoes, place them in a named bag and hang them in the outdoor changing area.

Coats, book bags and packed lunch boxes are stores in the pupils named box which are located in designated areas outside of the classroom and make their way to their classroom for registration.

We are aware many of you travel long distances however, we expect all pupils to be in class by 8.40am to begin the day in order to avoid disruption to theirs and others’ learning.

During the day

Healthy eating is encouraged at snack and lunch time. The children are encouraged to bring a named clear plastic drinking bottle from which they can drink water during lessons.

In order to avoid mud being trodden through the school pupils are expected to change into their outdoor shoes at break and PE times.

End of the school day

We will not allow your child to be collected by anyone other than a parent or guardian unless you notify us beforehand (in person or via email or by phoning the Administrator’s Office).

If you anticipate being late, please let Mrs Ingram, the School Business Manager know so that we can reassure your child that all is well. Pupils who are not collected immediately at the end of the day will be supervised by staff until collection. Parents / taxi drivers will need to ring the bell on the main reception door upon arrival.

Please note that the school is located within a public park and therefore it is school policy that all pupils irrespective of their age are collected at the back gate and escorted off site by a parent / taxi driver. This is to ensure your child’s safety.