We are aware that many of our children travel long distances each day and that being in small classes is tiring for our pupils as such we do not set specific homework for our KS2 and KS3 pupils.

KS2 and KS3

We do not set specific homework for our KS2 and KS3 pupils, however, regular practice of key skills at home will support the work we do in school.


All pupils have at least 1 school reading book which has been chosen according to their assessed reading level. You can use this book to hear your child read or you may wish to share any book including one of a higher level with your child. Which ever you chose it is important that this is an enjoyable activity with no pressure.

Individualised high frequency / curriculum words

All pupils have an envelope in the back of their diary with cards on which  individualised high frequency / curriculum words are written. Practicing reading and spelling these words at speed will support the work carried out in school.

Web based individualised learning programmes

There are a number of individualised web based programmes that the school uses on a regular basis. All pupils have access to these outside of school and we would strongly encourage you to support your child to make use of these at least during holiday times if not more regularly.

These include:

  • TTRS all pupils
  • IDL literacy KS2 & year 7
  • IDL maths KS2 & year 7
  • BKSB for English year 8 upwards
  • BKSB maths year 8 upwards

Login and passwords can be found in the back of your child’s diary.


To support in the preparations for public examinations (Functional Skills & GCSEs) homework will be set for all subjects but particularly in art and photography. This may be infrequent in year 10 but will increase in year 11. Pupils will be given a week to complete this work. Subject staff will be available during the week to offer additional support if required.

In addition to set homework, all pupils will benefit from the regular ongoing use of the TTRS and BKSB programmes as outlined above.